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January 20, 2017

Sourcing Assistant

DESIGNATION:  Sourcing Assistant


  • The functions of the Sourcing Assistant is to :
  • Identify, comprehend specifications and source products requested by clients
  • Estimate freight and all other related costs to prepare competitive bids.
  • Increase winning rate per RFQ
  • Submit accurate and competitive bids within stipulated time frame
  • Ensure Customer satisfaction.


(Key Results areas)

  • To identify the accurate product, description, unit of measure, specifications and the best source for the customers’ requirement.
  • To do market research and find new sources and pass on the information to the Sourcing-in-charge and other managers.
  • To locate the delivery point of the goods and ensure best freight costs to the destination from the
    origin by coordinating with the logistics/freight team.
  • To alert and coordinate with the CS/Sales team in case any clarifications is needed from the clients
    to meet their requirement.
  • Calculation/Estimation of freight costs in consultation with the freight commercial team.
  • In case of delivery to new locations, the Freight Commercial personnel is to be notified as soon as the RFQ is received, in order to estimate freight costs and routes to the new locations.
  • To submit error-free competitive bids on time
  • Ensure that the quote is completed through the ERP system within 48 hours unless specified by the clients
  • Prioritize quote revalidation requested by clients to be completed within 24 hours.
  • Notify CS team upon completion/revalidation of quote through email and update the GPS to reflect the change in status.
  • Updating “RFQ Process Tracking Sheet” in the server and the “GPS” on daily basis
  • Supporting the Purchase department by re-sourcing goods in case of any default from original vendor at the time of order
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction by finding best price in the market for the right product.


  • Preferring candidates with 1-2 years of experience in Sourcing / Sales.
  • Candidates must have excellent written & oral communication ability.

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